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Thanks for stopping by iBuyBitcoins.com! I’m Brad, the founder of this site. Among other things, I’m a bitcoin enthusiast, reviewer and affiliate marketer. I’m excited about the future of bitcoin and cryptos. As I learn about bitcoin, I document everything on this site. Here is the list of relevant bitcoin information I’ve documented so far. Enjoy!

About I Buy Bitcoins

About iBuyBitcoins.com – Learn How To Buy, Sell and Trade Bitcoin at the Best Bitcoin Exchanges

What You’ll Find on this Site

Our aim is to find and document all the latest information about bitcoin, cryptocurrency and alt-coins. Here are the main pages of this site. Click a link to view the content.

This is how I learned about bitcoin…

My Bitcoin History

“When the price goes back down to $2.00, I’ll buy some then,” were my thoughts years ago when bitcoin suddenly exploded to over $3.00. Unfortunately for me, the price never came back down. Soon it was up to $10, then $20. Unfortunately again, I refused to buy thinking either the price was going to go back down and I would buy then or that the price was going to go to $0 and it was just a fad.

I was unable to see the utility and how useful bitcoin is. I have since seen the light and believe bitcoin and cryptocurrency are the future and the future is here.

It was a few year later when I received my first bitcoins. I was paid in bitcoin for services provided. Even though I was aware of bitcoin, had been following it’s progress and knew vaguely how the blockchain and mining worked, it was more confusing than I anticipated.

Which wallet do you use? And why so many wallets? Hot, online, software, hardware, paper, mobile and cold storage are all ways to store your bitcoins. Which is the best way?

At that time, I needed to learn how to do everything related to sending, receiving, storing and securing those bitcoins.

Next I learned how to trade bitcoins from BTC to USD.

I learned a lot then, but more again when I wanted to start buying and trading for profit.

Research, Reviews, Ratings

My research and experience on the best ways to buy, sell and trade bitcoin and reviews and ratings of the best bitcoin exchanges, wallets, products and services are presented throughout this website. It’s part of my affiliate marketing strategy to reach bitcoin users who want to find the best, safest and most private bitcoin exchanges. There are a lot of dishonest exchanges in the market. Research on this site is focused on sniffing them out and exposing them.

As an affiliate marketer I do receive compensation when someone makes a purchase through the links on this site. This however doesn’t influence my review or ratings. I give my honest opinion and my personal experiences. There are hundreds of exchanges who will pay for rave reviews, but nobody benefits from exchanges in the market stealing from or trying to scam you and me. The worst are exposed here and only those that are trustworthy are included in our top lists. Read more about the bitcoin niche and affiliate marketing here.

If you have experience with any Bitcoin companies, including exchanges and wallets, we’re looking for your honest review. Visit a review, add your comments and leave your star review.

Thanks in advance!